Make your trip memorable, informative and interesting
1. Tired of noise and lack of organization of tourist groups
2. No time to search for information about all places that you are planning to visit
3. It is difficult to design the best tourist itinerary
4. Do not like boring information provided in guidebooks
5. Do not know how to organize and remember everything you saw
Quest-tour will relieve you from such inconveniences!
Quest-tour is:
Interesting itinerary designed by locals
Easy start and free schedule for passing games
Interesting facts and interesting historical information
Possibility to see unpreserved cultural objects in the format of augmented reality
Free of charge
How does it work?
Download the app to your phone and choose the quest-tour
Start playing at any time, solve riddles and learn interesting facts
Support the development of the project if you liked the tour
Popular quests
Secrets of the Southern Capital
in the course of this walk we will tell you about historical center of the city of Rostov-on-Don. You will learn little-known facts and legends, will see the places of interest, which no longer exists, and will touch the world of 3D-technology
Azov Alphabet
Have you arrived in Azov? We'll tell you about the city, which this year celebrates 950 years, the city-fortress on the border with the Turkish settlements from 1471, and conquered by Peter the Great in 1737
Taganrog of A.P. Chekhov
During this tour you will learn how many seagulls fly around Chekhov, how many famous people have visited Taganrog, and that Anton Chekhov was a repeater at school
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Opinion of our users
Tatyana, 27 years old
«My friend and I have liked the quest very much, it was something to think about, we learned something new about our hometown. We would be pleased to pass another route!»

Alex, 28 years old
«For me, as a newcomer, it was very interesting to walk along the route, and this application can help to get acquainted with other places of interest and main attractions of the city quickly»
Anna, 24 years old
«Very cool app! I enjoyed interesting puzzles and learned a lot! And in addition to sports exercises, we used our a brains! We look forward to taking a next quest»
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